Why We Do What We Do

We will never give up no matter what because we are champions!


Every one of us has a less than stellar training session sometimes but we still never give up no matter what! Even thirteen time world champions had to start somewhere. This poster is something we should all keep in mind when those days happen.
Several years ago I was about three weeks out from the state championship meet. I hadn’t been consistent with my training due to lost or lazy training partners, an excuse I will never use again by the way. In short, I didn’t want to go. I called my friend who was also the state chair to tell him my list of excuses why I would not be lifting in this competition. I’ll spare you the details and give you the end result. His words to me were very to the point. I don’t remember them exactly but the point still rings in my head. Here it is in a nut shell.Chris, you are a powerlifter. This is your sport of choice. You lift because you want to and because you love it. Not every competition comes at an ideal time in your life but it doesn’t mean that you don’t compete. You compete win or lose because that’s what champions do. The choice is always yours but I hope to see you there.My response went something like (in a quiet somber tone of embarrassment and shame), I’ll see you in about three weeks. Thank you Dan. On a side note, I brought home a gold medal. A lesson I won’t forget.The point as I see it here is simple. Whatever your sport of choice in this world is or whatever it is that trips your trigger, there was a beginning when all you had was desire. Clean, pure desire for betterment. Again I say never give up! Sometimes it’s a real good idea to reflect and remember why……………………If strength is your goal, we’ve got you covered with the absolute best training program designed for the drug free lifter. Click here and grab a copy for yourself. http://www.getstrongnaturally.com/products-page/.┬áHere is a personal thought for you to reflect on. “You don’t get to win every time you step on the platform, but if you don’t even step you don’t get to win.” Chris Clark 2013
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