More Than The Best Strength Training Program.

More than just strength training programs


I want to share with everyone the broader spectrum of what it is that I do and offer here at Get Strong Naturally. We are definitely more than the worlds best strength training program.  To begin with let’s cover what it is that I personally practice in my sport. I train and compete as a drug free powerlifter in the USAPL/IPF. As of present day I only compete in the unequipped classes. For those who are not familiar with what that means, let’s clear that up. First off, powerlifting is a strength based sport where we compete in the back squat, the bench press, and the deadlift. The drug free part means that we are not allowed to use any anabolic steroids and some supplements. The great part about that for me is that I have never used any steroids and the only supplement I take is creatine, a subsance naturally occuring in red meat. The unequipped part means that I do not use squat or deadlift suits, bench press shirts, or knee wraps. I am allowed to wear a lifting belt and neoprene knee sleeves. The knee sleeves have no mechanical advantage. They keep your knees warm and tight “feeling”. Functional or not, I still wear the smallest ones I can get around my knees. All for the love of competition . I also wear an adult small t shirt and my singlet is at least two sizes too small for the same reason. The way I see it, if your competition thinks you look strong they might start to believe it. Any edge you can get! The USAPL/IPF are the federations that I compete in. USAPL is for in U.S. only and IPF is for international competitions. I hold a Coaching certification through the USAPL.As far as the training side of things go, what I have to offer is much greater that just a heavy lifting, meat-head program. Truthfully speaking, I coach way more people that have no desire to be a powerlifter than do. All my beliefs and coaching principles are based on functional, sustainable gains and performance based training while still maintaining a life outside the gym. Your age and or gender have no relevance to what I can teach you. I can customize programming to fit anyone’s personal wants and needs even if you have no desire to lift in a gym with weights. Keep in mind that no resistance training program will bring great results without proper nutrition.Where your nutrition is concerned, I have you completely covered also. I do believe that dietary needs definitely vary from person to person but not that much. If you are looking to simply burn off some unwanted fat, I can teach you how. On the flip side, putting quality weight on can be tough but it is very doable. Even if you are happy with your weight and size but want to feel better, I have you covered there as well. I can teach you how to naturally detoxify your system on a regular basis helping you to feel great every day possible.Currently available on my website is my main strength training program. Get your copy here and get started today. We will be consistently adding products and updates. If you would like my help with any of these topics, please feel welcome to contact me directly.

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