The Beginning

Chris Clark

My name is Chris Clark. The world of strength and muscle has been an ongoing goal and part of my life as long as my memories will take me back. As a young boy I remember watching guys like Hulk Hogan and The Incredible Hulk on TV. Yes, it was color, but might not have had a remote yet. That’s when kids were the remote control. Oh and by the way I mean Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk, not some computer created beast. Growing up watching those guys, it seemed to me that when you were old enough to lift weights you did. That’s what men do, right. It always seemed to me and still does to this day that if you are a man, you lift weights and try to get stronger. What I didn’t know as a child was how much I would grow to truly enjoy strength training as a teenager and still do today as an adult.

Get Stronge Naturally When I was old enough to sign up for my first “real” weight training class in high school, I did. If I remember correctly, my “weight lifting” coach was also some kind of academic teacher who got roped into teaching this weight lifting class. I’m sure many of you experienced the same thing. For those of you who didn’t, it’s a wonder any of us survived the experience. The point here is simple. THIS IS WHY I AM DOING THIS!! My weight lifting teacher didn’t know how or what to coach because he wasn’t really a coach or for that matter even a lifter himself. I lifted from the time I was sixteen until my early twenties with no knowledge of form, technique, programming, or anything except whatever a few of my knuckle head friends and myself could create. Then I met Val. Val was a drug free power lifter and taught me some good basics. Mostly what I remember Val telling me all the time was “you gotta squat lower”. If I would have just listened back then, I could be much further on my quest today. I will tell you that squatting six inches too high for your first twenty years of training is a hard habit to break. Fast forward to my mid thirties and my first real strength training “with proper form” reality check. I will spare you the details but give you this. If you are doing exercises with improper form and partial movements like”high squats” and “bouncing bench presses” you aren’t nearly as strong as you think. You are also building extreme imbalances in your musculature and setting your self up for some very unpleasant injuries down the road. Just ask my younger self. He’ll tell you all about several long term injuries that could have been prevented.

Get Strong Naturally with Chris ClarkThat brings us to modern day. Today, I train and compete as a drug free power lifter. I lift in the USAPL federation in the raw division. I did my first full three lift meet in 2008. I was very green and inexperienced to say the very least. Today I am a USAPL certified strength coach. I got that certification because I wanted to be a functional part of the federation, not just a competitor. I compete at a regional, state, national, and international level and become a stronger competitor every year.

As far as coaching goes, I have people in many different states that I coach over the phone, online, and in person when it works out. I coach people privately in the area that I live currently as well as being the head strength coach for a local high school. I am currently coaching people in areas including general strength and fitness to fat loss to full on power lifting.

To put it all together, I have spent many more years than not training incorrectly because of poor or no coaching leading to horrible habits, bad form, lack of quality programming and a lot of needless injuries leading to large setbacks. I want to share all the good that I have learned with as many people as will listen. My target audience is anyone willing to learn but I will say that coaching at a high school level has taught me a lot. I believe that teaching young people correctly at the high school years just sets them up for incredible greatness for their futures and I’m not just talking muscle. In my opinion, strength and health training is for anybody in the ages of the early teens all the way to the end. I hope to leave nothing but positive and greatness in every one who visits my site. Now let’s get to lifting!



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