Experimental Video With The New Camera

We finally broke out the new camera so I took a few practice videos and decided to share this one. This is not an instructional video but I am going to make two points. First and most important. These are an advanced movement and should not be done by new or reasonably new lifters. If you have been lifting consistently for over a year AND you have a GOOD coach then give them a whirl. My second point is that I personally utilize straight leg deadlifts as an accessory movement for my deadlift. Straight leg deadlifts have improved my off the floor strength like nothing else. I do these after max effort squats and usually do sets of three and never more than four.

  One additional note I will add is that in the very near future I will begin the instructional video series covering every worthwhile strength building exercise I can come up with. If you have any specific exercise requests, please let me know and we will cover them. In this series my main goal is to target new or beginning strength trainers. My opinion is when you are 14 years old you are old enough to start training with iron, but before that you should stick to body weight movement.


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2 thoughts on “Experimental Video With The New Camera

  1. I think that would make me poop my pants!!! Camera looks great. Hate the music….try some reggae :-) Yahhhh Maahhnnn

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