Diffusing the after holiday meal walk a thon

Enjoy your holiday meal and still burn fat.


Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all my U.S.A. friends and Happy Thursday to my friends around the world. Here’s how I see it regarding BIG holiday meals and still being able to burn fat. EAT IT ALL! They only come around a couple times a year. The fact of the matter is that nobody wrecks their body with a few awesome eating fests a year. You can think of it as a positive if you like. Here is how. When you eat a large meal, your metabolism starts racing. You turn your body into a massive fat burning machine. However, if you consistently feed and feed your body never has a chance to burn off much excess. This is a topic for another day. Today I want to cover the big after meal walk. You know the one. We all go walk around for a half an hour or so to burn off the big meal instead of taking a nap in front of the TV. Well I’ve got a news flash. That’s backwards. It’s not how we’re designed at all. Here’s how it is supposed to work. If you want to eat a huge, ridiculous, massive, super high fat meal well let me just say, I am all for it. I’ll join you. If you really think you can eat, come to my table and try and keep up. Here’s the rule. We will earn our great moment of extreme glutton and we will enjoy every moment of it. The basics of this are simple. Put your system into a state of need. Now I said that in a very basic way but I want to keep this short and simple. Take that walk before you eat. Grab all those nieces and nephews and try and keep up with them for an hour or so. They will guarantee a pretty good pace. That’s just one idea. In my perfect world, the whole family would go downstairs to the power rack and we would all do a full squat workout. If you want to eat big, then earn it. EARN IT and then enjoy every morsel. You know I’m gonna¬†!
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