Bench Press Goals 2014

Without goals it’s harder to make gains in anything we do. I set myself reasonable goals, keep them in my head at all times, and focus on them every day. I have decided to post a video of my progress in my bench press. I will post a video similar to this every couple weeks to show progress. I have a goal of 341.7 lbs for the 2014 USAPL Raw Nationals in July. I will compete in the 83 kg weight class. That converts to about 183 lbs. I will do all of my warm ups, my working sets, and my assistance working sets first and then I will bench press 345 lbs for a single rep with a little help. You will notice in the video that my wife helps just enough to make sure that it is a successful attempt. All of my other sets I use no spotter. I will line out all of my work here so it is clear the amount of work already done before this single rep. ┬áHope you enjoy the video. Work done prior to 345 lb single rep set. Bench press working sets were as follows:
135-10 reps
135-5 reps
185-5 reps
215-3 reps
225-3 reps
235-3 reps
245-3 reps
255-3 reps
275-3 reps
Bottom position bench press with super ram. The super ram is a giant rubber band of sorts that de loads the bar weight by 55 lbs at the bottom position of the lift if I wear my size L. I set the safety pins so when I climb under the bar it is touching my chest and I have to get it moving from there. It is difficult and can be very dangerous if done incorrectly. As an example, if I have 300 lbs on the bar, at the bottom, the bar weighs 245 lbs and starts getting heavier as soon as I raise it. It is at full weight somewhere in the middle of the rep. Bottom position super ram bench press as follows:
275-3 reps
325-3 reps
330-3 reps
345-3 reps
I waited about five minutes and then did the single rep set with 345 lbs. My body weight is about 180 currently. Enjoy the video!
I follow the basic program available here at I have customized it to fit my individual needs a little here and there, but the major work is the same. It is absolutely the best strength program available for the drug free lifter!
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